Friday, March 20, 2015

Breakfast Time - Green Terminator Drink

One of the many areas I needed to make a change in regards to eating was at breakfast time. I know that what we put in our body first thing in the morning is important. Knowing and doing are two different things though. For far too long I have fallen into a habit of cereal, toast and coffee (lots of it!) for breakfast. Mostly because of how convenient it is. I need something no-hassle in the morning as I feed 5 kids and get two ready for school. So I knew that while I needed to overhaul my breakfast choices, I also needed to make sure it was something quick and easy so that I would stick to it.

I happen to really like green smoothies so I decided that I would choose that for this week's breakfast. I came across one called The Fat Flush Green Terminator Drink and was intrigued. Here are the ingredients:

1 cup of spinach leaves
1/2 cup of fresh cucumber
1/2 banana
1/2 cup of pineapple
1/2 cup of water
4 ice cubes

I've been adding a little bit of Greek Yogurt in as well because I like the tang and it makes it a little creamier. Throwing a bunch of ingredients in a blender is easy enough but I didn't want to mess with the chopping up ingredients every morning so I just did it once, divided them into Ziplocs and put them in the freezer so I could pull them out each morning (minus the yogurt). A word to the wise - unless you own an awesome blender (and I personally do NOT at the moment), let it defrost a bit before you try to blend it. I have found that putting the bag in the fridge the night before does the trick. Here's my week of breakfast smoothies all ready to go:

These get me going for my day and usually about 2 hours later I have been having two hard-boiled eggs for some protein to keep me going until lunch. I feel much better now that I'm not starting my day on a carb-overload. A year or two back I won a really awesome juicer so I will probably be alternating between smoothies and juices from week to week. I'm not opposed to a heartier breakfast from time to time but for the most part this is really sufficient for me and it feels good to get a power pack of fruits and veggies in at the start of my day.

Not everybody is a green smoothie fan....are you? What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

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