Monday, March 23, 2015

Filling Up The Freezer - Zaycon Chicken

Have you guys heard of Zaycon Foods? I have been ordering from them for a few years now and just love their product! It's fresh, nutritious food at an average 30% savings from the grocery store and you get to schedule your order online and pick up at a convenient location near your home. We have only ever bought the chicken breasts but they have expanded to include dozens of other products. Everything is in bulk so it works great for our large family to buy 40 lbs of chicken at a time and stock up our freezer. That and it costs less than $2.00/lb which is a great price for boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Why am I telling you about this? I just had a pick up today and spent my morning portioning out my chicken. They come in HUGE full breasts that you have to cut up and trim a little fat from. I put mine in gallon freezer bags for later use. I also fill up my crock pots so that I can cook and shred a bunch of chicken to have on hand for things like casseroles, pastas, salads, etc. So handy and helps keep lean protein on hand, which I like. Here's a 40 lb box of chicken breasts all portioned out:

I might sound like a salesperson for Zaycon but I promise I don't work for them. I just truly love what they do! Now if you sign up through my link I do get $1 in my account for every time you place an order. But you can do the same once you sign up! You can share with your friends and earn money towards future purchases. No obligation to do so, they just love giving back to their customers as they have grown because of word of mouth. I am sure that once you have tried it, you will want to tell your friends anyway so you may as well be compensated, right?

Here's my link:
I think you have to register to check out their events and prices. But registering does not obligate you to ever buy anything. If you are already a Zaycon customer I would love to hear what you buy from them so feel free to share your favorite products so that we can check them out too!

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