Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lunch Time - Herb and Veggie Soup

Have you seen a theme yet in my food and drink posts? I love convenience and being able to prep ahead! Hey, I'm a busy mom and if I am going to win at this weight loss thing I have to make it as simple as possible. This lunch is no different. I found this Herb and Veggie Soup that makes 6 servings so I was able to make up a batch and eat one for lunch that day while portioning out the other 5 servings to save for my lunch this upcoming week.

This soup wasn't the best I've ever had but it was satisfying and easy so I don't mind eating it the rest of the week. You only get about a cup and a half per serving though so I will likely be adding a salad along with it to help fill me up a bit more. The one bowl I already had I paired with a homemade BLTA which was fabulous, filling combination!

What are your favorite healthy soup ingredients?

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